Infuzu for the Office

Looking for a smooth AI-solution for your business? Infuzu Pro has you covered.

A Seamless Bot for Seamless Work

Our platform grants access to every major LLM,

while keeping data safe and HIPPA compliant.

Why Choose Infuzu?

Infuzu Pro is a perfect solution for enterprises looking to grant their employees and contractors access to LLM chatbots while keeping costs fixed. When you use token based services, your costs will wildly vary month over month; this isn’t an issue with Infuzu.
Your employees will also have varied uses for AI chatbots. Some might need help writing social copy; others might use it to help create meeting summaries or to provide ideas during a brainstorm. Each chatbot has unique strengths and weaknesses. Infuzu Pro allows you to offer access to each bot to your office, without having to work with multiple companies or add too many line items to your payroll.
Finally, Infuzu is fully data-safe. Not all chatbots handle data as sensitively as they should, but we’ve worked to patch up all of these issues. So, your employees can freely and securely use AI without having to worry about confidential information ending up where it shouldn’t be.
You are one email away from a seamlessly AI empowered office.

Welcome to the Future

We’ve all dreamed of a future where robots take care of our tedious tasks. That future is now and Infuzu Pro can help you contemporize your office. Your employees are interested in AI, if they aren’t using it already; why not give them the best access?

How Can We Get Started?

For the best user experience, we only offer custom packages. So, if you want to start getting Infuzu Pro installed for your office, send us an email below!
Our costs are similar. While our pricing is based around our $20/user cost, we’re always flexible in our pricing. Send an email today for a quote.
“We use Infuzu for all of our AI needs, which our creative team has a lot of. It’s made the experience much smoother than it was before, and I have less bookkeeping to worry about.”
– Eric, Practical Effects Marketing